It's at this time of year, when the temperatures are dropping and the sun is becoming more of a stranger than ever, that we start to experience dull complexions and tight, dry skin. Caring for for and making your skin look great is what we do best at WHITE to BROWN. Follow these 3 tips and banish that dull and dry skin for good this autumn!

1. Be miltary with that beauty routine - back to basics girls, it's cleanse, tone and moisturise night and day. This is important for your body too - try our WHITE to BROWN Body Cleanse 250ml to hydrate and nourish the skin and leave it delicately scented.

2. Remove make-up after a night out. We've all done it - and after a tipple or two it can be the last thing on your mind! - but while you're sleeping you can dry your skin more, leaving it prone to spots and blemishes.

2. Don't forget that in the shower is the perfect place to really nourish and nuture your skin on a daily basis. Have you tried our luxurious WHITE to BROWN Skin Polish 250ml? It's all-natural sweet alond shell beads gently exfoliate the skin leaving soft and smelling sweet, whilst giving you a great base to prolong your tans.