From the unicorn eye to the hombre lip, we're in love with the beauty trends of December 2017. Come with us on a journey to discover how you can dazzle this festive season!



1. Facial Shimmer

Shine bright like a diamond with a dusting of your favourite colour glitter or match with your outfit. Partner up with WHITE to BROWN Wash Off Bronzing Gel Medium 125ml to enhance your glow.

2. Unicorn Eyes

Get creative and channel your inner mysticism! Choose pinks, purples and turquoise eye shadow to achieve a magical look. Team with WHITE to BROWN Self Tanning Lotion Light 250ml for a subtle tan that will let your eyes do the talking...

3. Hombre Lips

The must-have look right now; match your outfit to your favourite lipstick to achieve a graduated colour and finish with a dash of glitter. Complement with WHITE to BROWN Self Tanning Lotion Dark 250ml to stand out and enhance the finished look.

4. Glitter Eyes

Make sure everyone's looking at you with the prettiest glitter eyes! Use a fine eye shadow brush to help keep the glitter in place. Introduce WHITE to BROWN Self Tanning Lotion Medium 250ml for the ultimate radiant glow.


5. Festive Nails

Go all out with enrusted jewels, candy canes and snowflakes! Then top off with a light covering of WHITE to BROWN Self Tanning Mousse Medium 150ml - perfect for a velvety smooth results.