Our last Bank Holiday may have been a wash out (at least for us!) but it's already been forgotten as we look forward to another Great British Institution- the summer festival!

UK festivals are known around the world for their creativity and clout in securing the coolest acts around. On you list of must-haves will be the all-important tent, wellies and of course ticket, but what about your beauty essentials? Feeling and looking fresh after 3 days in a tent can seem near impossible, but it's all about keeping things simple. Let us introduce you to the only product you'll need this festival season: WHITE to BROWN Wash Off Bronzing Gel (£6.95). This one-day wonder will keep you glowing from dusk 'til dawn and here's why...

Instant Colour

Waiting for your tan to develop is great if you have time, but with everything else you need to pack it can be a last-minute hassle. The easy-to-use, quick-drying gel formula means you can apply it as you go, so you'll have goregous glowing pins all weekend long.

It's Bumbag-Friendly

Space is top priority when you're packing for a festival and it's well worth practising before you find yourself knee-deep in mud. This compact tube will fit snugly into your beauty kit, no problems.

It's Waterproof (yes, we promise!)

After 30 minutes, this bronzing gel will stay in place. Plus, our innovative formula means no streaking  - even in the heaviest of down pours.

No Make-up? No Worries!

Try mixing our bronzing gel with your moisturiser for a radiant, minimal look so you can leave the heavy foundation at home.