Regardless of how frequent a tanner you might be, there are often some tricky bits you might forget to tan. As a friendly reminder, we're turning your attention to 3 so you'll remember to hit the right spot.


Knee Pits

With so much concentration being spent on perfecting your legs from the front, these hard-to-reach areas are easy to miss. Our WHITE to BROWN Self Tanning Lotion Medium (£16.95) is silky smooth and glides onto the skin for easy absorption. Slightly bending your knees also helps to avoid smudging when tanning the back of the legs.


Fingers and Toes

Often an after thought, these body parts are a big giveaway when the rest of your bod looks golden and glowing. It's easier to cover the fingers and toes at the end of your application: without applying any extra product, simply use the last bits of your tanning formula on your mitt or gloves for a subtle but flawless finish. Bending the fingers and toes also helps to avoid the little white lines at the joints and applying in swift, sweeping motions ensures even distribution.


Mid Back

Without the help of a tanning buddy it can be hard to make sure this area gets covered. If you're going solo then apply your product to the foam surface of your mitt, slightly arch your back and apply with the foam side. Our easy coverage WHITE to BROWN Self Tanning Liquid Medium (£19.95) is ideal here - it spreads onto the skin quickly and evenly and also includes a free application mitt. It might take a bit of practice but you'll get to add a new pose to your yoga moves at the same time.