When we heard that Caitlyn Lendrum, MUA hailed Ireland’s Best Make Up Artist and her beauty therapist mum Samantha Whyte shared a common love for our tans, we just had to get the 411 on why we’re their favourite choice day in day out and what better day than, Mother’s Day to meet this lovely mother and daughter.


Caitlyn Lendrum found her love for make up and all things beauty under a leading makeup artist in Ireland and last year saw her win Irish Beauty Blog Awards category for Best Make Up Artist Blogger! Off the back of this, seven months ago Caitlyn decided to launch her very own make up studio in Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland. It wasn’t long after her launch that she decided her clients needed the next best beauty professional in town to do her client’s spray tans... cue her mum!


When these two beauty queens aren’t busy talking to us, their mornings are spent enjoying cups of coffee and spray tanning each other in their favourite WHITE to BROWN 12.5 dark solution, from our professional range.


How did you hear about WHITE to BROWN?


Samantha: I had used the products for years myself so when I decided to spray professionally I looked for a course that was using WHITE to BROWN as I knew it was a trusted brand.


Caitlyn: Through my mum, she has been using it for years and years. Growing up I borrowed her tans!



How long have you used it?


Samantha: On myself about 5 years; professionally 7 months. 


Caitlyn: I used the self-tans when I was younger but have been using the professional range for the last 7 months.



Why do you love it?


Samantha: When I started spraying clients I was nervous about how their tan would develop the following morning... would it be patchy... dark enough... too dark etc so I messaged every client asking for honest feedback.  Every client was delighted, and I was delighted. Now I can work with the product confident that, with my training, I am doing a great job and my clients are returning. That's why I love using WHITE to BROWN.


Caitlyn: There are so many different tans out there, but a lot of them go streaky. WHITE to BROWN makes you look like you have just been on holiday, they are perfect and so flawless. You just roll out of bed and you’ve got the perfect tan.



What’s your favourite product of ours?

Samantha: My favourite product is the 12.5 tanning Solution. It's what most of my customers go for and are happy with, plus the barrier cream gives me perfect results. 

Caitlyn: At the moment I’m loving the Professional range, but I am really excited to try the self-tans again!



Any tan tips?


Samantha: Tanning tips... barrier cream on any dry areas, take your time and good contact relationship with your client. If they are happy and relaxed I've made it an enjoyable experience.


Caitlyn: Always exfoliate before you tan and make sure you’ve been moisturising. I see a lot of clients coming in who have had spray tan elsewhere and the tan clings to dry areas like their neck and elbows.


We’ve absolutely loved chatting with this mother daughter beauty duo and what a way to start Mother’s Day!