I’ve always wished for a self-tanning product that I can apply and leave on without having that uncomfortable feeling of needing a shower. As soon as I tried the WHITE to  BROWN Self-Tanning Water I instantly fell in love. Finally, a mess free easy to apply self-tanning product, that comes in a 250ml spritz bottle to ensure a wider, more even coverage.

The Self-Tanning Water has no colour guide, it is a translucent formula that dries instantly! I couldn’t believe it, there was no sticky or tacky feeling at all. I didn’t have the urge to go and jump in the shower like I do with a lot of self-tanning products. In fact, I felt even fresher and had a lovely aroma of fresh coconut too.

WHITE to BROWN Self-Tanning Water is a lightweight water-based formula that starts to develop in just 2-4 hours! Enriched with Coconut and Aloe Vera the Self-Tanning Water gives you a gorgeous golden glow whilst nourishing your skin and ensuring the colour doesn’t fade.

An application mitt is included to make sure every part of your body is covered, and the Self-Tanning Water is applied evenly. I can’t recommend this product enough, imagine a shower fresh feeling with a radiant glow, what more could you want!