With so many products to choose from, it can be tricky to find the right shade for your natural skin tone. Discovering this holy grail will complete your beauty routine and give you the confidence to celebrate your natural skin tone. Luckily, we take the hard work out of it, so follow our handy guide when finding your new bronzing buddy...

Sunkissed Glow

Do you vacay for 2 weeks but return home the same shade you left with? Have you had too many tanning disasters to mention? Do you find that self tans just don't look 'quite right' on you?

If any of the above apply then chances are you have a naturally fair complexion that needs a gentle boost in colour rather than full on coverage. Our WHITE to BROWN Self Tanning Lotion Light (250ml; £15.95) works like a gradual tan to give a subtle, sunkissed glow. Then if you fancy taking things a shade darker, simply re-apply until your desired tan has been achieved. 

Golden Goddess

If you tan well naturally and consider your skin tone to be some where in the middle, then you have a bounty of products to choose from when tanning! However, it's all worth considering your skin type, as some formulas are designed specifically for different skin types; dry skin benefits from a super hydrating blend such as our WHITE to BROWN Self Tanning Lotion Medium (250ml; £16.50), while oily skin can take a fast-drying formula like our WHITE to BROWN Self Tanning Mousse Medium (150ml; £19.95).


Dark Diva

For darker skin tones, our luxurious WHITE to BROWN Self Tanning Lotion Dark (250ml;£16.95) provides a deep, intense tan - perfect for topping up post-holiday! It also works great for evening out a darker skin tone, creating a blemish-free coverage that helps you skin looks flawless.