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Summer Legs Tanning Q&A

Tanning Q&A - Summer Legs

 Thankfully gone are the days of pale legs and pasty white bodies. WHITE to BROWN's new breed of self tanning products will create a quintessentially summer tan whatever your colour tone. Here's a few answers to your questions for those of you who are ready to bare all.


Question 1.

Q1. Am I too fair to use self tanning products?

A1. All skin tones can benefit from a natural colour enhancement, however fair you are. The best tanning advice we can give is to choose a product that is specifically formulated for fair skin tones. WHITE to BROWN has a superb product, Self Tanning Lotion Light that will enhance your natural skin tone perfectly. This smooth, creamy lotion has been developed to use every day so you can achieve a natural glow. The more frequently it is applied the more enhanced your skin tone will become and the more confidence you will have to control your desired result.

Question 2.

Q2. I have always used self tan products so why should I try WHITE to BROWN’s self tan lotions?

A2. WHITE to BROWN’s Self Tanning Lotions are simply the easiest lotions to apply to the skin. The moisturising agents, Shea and Cocoa butter, supports the tanning product and enables the lotion to glide on the skin evenly and smoothly. The colour development is amazing: a very natural yet warm and medium shade of colour to suit all skin types.

Question 3.

Q3. I do not want my tan very dark: Do you offer any products to suit a medium skin tone?

A3. WHITE to BROWN’s Self Tanning Lotion in medium and the Self Tanning Mist are perfect products to choose for a medium tan result. They can also be re-applied on a daily basis to achieve your desired colour without overloading your skin.

Question 4.

Q4. I love my tan to be really dark, which product would you recommend?

A4. Specifically formulated for dark tan lovers, WHITE to BROWN’s Self Tanning Lotion Dark is your answer for a deep bronzed tan. This luxuriously moisturising lotion glides onto the skin in no time at all and develops within hours of application for a perfect deep bronzed tan.

Question 5.

Q5. Will my tan go streaky?

A5. Perfect preparation creates a perfect streak-free tan. Use WHITE to BROWN’s Skin Polish and Body Cleanse before applying your favourite Self Tanning product. This will ensure your skin is free from any products or lotions that can often interfere with your tanning development, and which sometimes cause a streaky tan. All our tanning products come complete with full instructions to ensure your tan is perfectly applied with no streaks.

Question 6.

Q6. I worry that my tan may go orange?

A6. WHITE to BROWN’s range of tanning products have been specifically created to suit everyone’s individual skin tone, thus eliminating any orange undertones.

Question 7.

Q7. Does your products have that ‘biscuity’ smell associated with other tanning products?

A7. All tanning products contain DHA, the tanning ingredient that has a slight biscuity aroma. However, WHITE to BROWN has tempered this by adding a delicately fragranced ingredient which leaves your skin delicately scented.

Question 8.

Q8. Do you have a product that I can wash off?

A8. Absolutely - in fact WHITE to BROWN’s Wash Off Bronzing Gel is one of the best on the market. The gel formula glides onto the skin smoothly and evenly for a luxurious colour that dries within 60 seconds, creating a seamless tan. It’s ideal to wear each day for a sun-kissed look.

Question 9.

Q9. My favourite product is Mousse, What’s yours like?

A9. Be one of the first to try WHITE to BROWN’s brand new velvety smooth Self Tanning Mousse. Creating a medium golden colour with a fresh fragrance, this fast drying streak free formula is exceptionally long-wearing: results can last for up to a week. A free application mitt is included to achieve a perfect flawless finish.

Question 10.

Q10. Do you offer professional tanning treatments?

A10. We are proud to say that WHITE to BROWN’s professional tanning treatments are available in the more selective beauty salons and spas throughout the UK. Please call our team of advisers on 0330 678 0321 and they’ll be happy to point you to a salon near you.